At present, my agent is working to sell my first book:

LOVE COACH – Book #1 in the “Game of Love” series

The day after corporate travel agent Brie Weber books her dream honeymoon cruise her fiance dumps her. To win him back, she takes advice from her handsome co-worker, but whose side is he on?

Currently, I’m working on:

LOVE PLAY – Book #2 in the “Game of Love” series



LOVE RACE – Book #3 in the “Game of Love series

GOOD INTENTIONS – Married young, Dori and Matthew had different goals, and their good intentions destroyed their marriage. Now, ten years later, Dori’s desire to help a struggling new student becomes an obsession when she learns he’s the son she hasn’t seen in ten years. Matthew won’t let her anywhere near the boy until a serious injury forces him to trust her to care for their son. As they confront their painful past, arguments lead to apologies, apologies to forgiveness, and forgiveness to healing when, for the first time, they understand each other’s GOOD INTENTIONS.

MAD MONEY – Caroline Burk is a widowed gold digger who finds her social life is drying up. To hang on to her friends, she decides to buy their favorite salon, turn it into an upscale spa and offer them free services. But her husband wasn’t as rich as she thought, and the trust money he left has conditions on it – imposed by the handsome attorney and trustee, Adam Cole. Aware of her reputation as a spend-thrift, he requires her to move out of her luxury condo into a small rental house across town, get a job and support herself for a yea before she can get her hands on the money. Caroline is drawn to Adam’s strength and loyalty, but doesn’t know how to handle a man who won’t yield to her manipulations. Adam is attracted by her beauty, resourcefulness and willingness to stand up to him, but his first responsibility is to protect his client’s estate and dying wish that it not be squandered away as MAD MONEY.







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