Well, I did it. I finally joined the twenty-first century and gave in to the e-book revolution. I fought it as long as I could. But when I kept seeing e-books I wanted to buy on Amazon for $.99—or better yet free—I cracked.

I’d already been introduced to the ease of downloading books when I learned a few months ago that Amazon had an app to read Kindle books on my PC. It felt like a step forward, but portability was a problem. If I wanted to take an e-book with me to read while I waited for the dental hygienist to clean my kids’ teeth, it was too much trouble. So I ended up thumbing through old issues of Highlights and Golf Digest instead.

Then one day at Office Max, when we’d stopped in to by my son a new spiral notebook to doodle in, the Kindle display caught my eye. My daughter turned it on, pushed a few buttons and suddenly text filled the screen. It reminded me of the old days when having my own portable black and white TV seemed like a dream. The compact size would fit easily in my purse or a tote bag. And this one device could hold more books than I had in my entire house. Amazing!

A few days later I saw a refurbished Kindle Touch for sale for $74.00 on Amazon, a $25.00 savings. It came with the same warranty as if I’d paid full price. I read through a list of its features. When I learned I could transfer my personal documents to the Kindle to read on the go, I was hooked. I counted the bills in my mad-money envelope. As if by providence the two matched up. I pushed the “Buy now with 1-click” button before I could change my mind. And I’m glad I did.

I love my Kindle. I downloaded the ESV Bible for free and only paid $1.99 for the KJV Bible. I picked up a newly-released book by a favorite author for only $3.99. It even has Sudoku! And I’m just getting started.

There is one little problem, though. My daughter likes my Kindle, too. She’s already finished one book on it, and she’s half-way through another. I can already see the need to buy her a Kindle of her own. Or maybe I’ll just give her mine and I’ll get a new one. Have you seen the Kindle Fire? It has color!

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  1. Mary Patterson

    Martha Patterson has a FIRE and likes it. I have one of the original Kindle ebooks. The only thing that I don’t like is the ability to share a good book with friends. I’m still not adept at using it like if I have to turn it off and lose my page, how to regain it without going through the whole book. Hope you continue to enjoy yours.

  2. I bought myself a Nook Tablet for Christmas and I LOVE it!!! Go to and if you are a patron of one of the libraries on the list you can check out books. My library has them and they keep getting more all the time. I can also get on the internet with mine and check my e-mail, go to websites, listen to things or watch things on the internet. I believe I can download video to it and watch it and I can also listen to music. I waited quite awhile to get one so that I could get books from the library. I’m glad you like it.

  3. Hi Cora, I found your blog through your post to me on WWW group. I received a Kindle Touch from my daughter for Mother’s Day. I just got it, and I’m still playing around with it, trying to get used to all the great features. Since the Kindle was a gift, I plan to buy myself a nice case for it, and I may spring for one with a light! Glad to know you are enjoying yours. I, too, am in the slow lane when it comes to moving along with new technology.
    I look forward to reading more entries in your blog.

  4. I know! I just have the basic basic B&W Kindle that uses a five way button, but I still love it. My daughter didn’t think they were that great until she started using mine. I’ve downloaded several classics onto it for her to read as part of school. You’d think that I asked her to rip out a toenail when I say I’m taking it with me somewhere. I’m thinking she needs her own kindle, and being the generous mom that I am … I’d like to give her mine. I’ve got my eye on a new kindle fire. LOL

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