Near my house, two men are painting the water tower. They’ve been working on it for weeks. I stopped the other day to watch them work. Surprisingly, they’re using what appears to be a roller no bigger than what I’d use to paint a bedroom. 

What must they have thought on the first day when they got out of their trucks, craned their necks skyward and saw the height and girth of the tower? Did they feel overwhelmed? Perhaps they thought, “This is impossible!” But they didn’t get in their trucks and drive away. Instead, they opened cans of paint, grabbed their rollers and got to work. Stroke by stroke, they’ve worked for weeks to transform our dingy white eye-sore into a fresh, sky-blue beauty. And now, after only a few short weeks of diligence and perseverance, they’re almost done.

 As I begin work on a new novel next week, I’m going to keep these painters in mind. Writing a book is a huge job, but if I work at it faithfully, day-by-day, I’ll see progress. And eventually I’ll be able to stand back, admire my work and say with pride, “I’m finished!”

Let’s get to work. What big job will you be working on?


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