Up until recently, we had an old minivan. We knew we needed to replace it sooner rather than later, but we didn’t have the money to run out and buy a new one. We’d been praying for months about the need for a new vehicle for our family, but we could not have imagined how God planned on meeting our need.

On July 19, on his way out of town at a pre-dawn hour, my husband hit not one, but three deer. He broke both headlights, smashed the radiator and left a trail of antifreeze all the way to the airport. The good new was that he wasn’t hurt, but our insurance company didn’t hesitate to declare our beloved and well-used minivan to be a total loss. That was bad news because with our squeaky-tight budget we knew we didn’t have the money to replace it with anything other than a junker. But God had a plan in mind!

My husband received a bonus at work. We had just refinanced our house and didn’t have to make an August mortgage payment. The insurance company paid more than we expected for our van. And because my husband had been traveling on business for several weeks, he received extra money for that. Suddenly, we had the money we needed to pay cash for a good, used car. God provided for our need at just the right time, and we believe he determined the right time for us to replace our eleven-year-old, oil-leaking van. We bought a white Toyota Highlander and we love it!

Here’s what I learned:  never doubt God’s ability to put money in your hand, if he so chooses. Tell God what you need and wait for his provision.

 I’d love to hear your story. If you’d like to share it, leave me a comment.








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  1. I love to read your blog and your writing it’s wonderful. Can’t wait to read your book

  2. Thanks, Norma. Spread the word!

  3. God always has a plan.

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